Park Road and Burton Street

Park Road and Burton Street lie just to the southeast of the town centre. They are comprised mainly of residential properties ranging from small terraced houses through terraced villas to a few substantial detached residences. The majority of the houses, closest to the town centre are Victorian, although Edwardian with later buildings, additions and alterations exist.




Park Road

In the 1870s, Park Road, then known as Park Lane, was a quiet road leading to farmland, although today it is a major conduit between the town centre and the south-eastern suburbs.

Over the years Thomas Messenger owned three groups of houses on Park Road and was responsible for having them built:

  1. Nos. 41-45
  2. Nos. 55 and 57
  3. Nos. 75 and 77


Park Road and Burton Street, Loughborough, depicting Thomas Messenger’s Properties – 1883 OS Map


Burton Street

Burton Street, which runs off Park Road close to the Convent of the Sisters of Providence, had a number of houses along it well before 1869, when it was adopted and laid out by the Local Board along with the surrounding streets of Park Street, Park Place, Gray Street and Albert Place[1]. A prerequisite to the laying out was that the then occupants were required to have an amount of stone laid across the existing un-made road. The residents objected to the excessive amount of stone required by the Local Board, claiming that they had for the previous twelve years “contributed their full quota to the highway rates without receiving any corresponding benefit”[2]. As a consequence the Local Board agreed to reduce the amount of stone required to “four inches of rough stone to laid five feet on either side of the centre line of the road, and an upper coating of five inches of broken stone in the centre, with four inches at the sides, in lieu of the quantities called for in the original specification”[3]. In 1881 sixteen properties in Burton Street were occupied, with one being built[4]. By the time of Thomas Messenger’s death in 1899[5], twenty-three had been built.

Thomas Messenger owned a group of four houses on Burton Street and similar to the properties on Park Road he was probably responsible for having them built.


Burton Street – Proposed Layout c.1860




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