Paget Street



Paget Street was originally, along with the immediate surrounding area, part of the Paget Estate. It sits just north-west of the town centre and along with the surrounding streets forms north-east/south-west aligned intersecting grid pattern.

Paget Street was built semi-piecemeal, although to a basic standard design, over a period of seven or more years beginning around 1883/4, when permission was granted for a number of new streets to be built on the Paget Estate[1].


Paget Street, Loughborough



Similar to other streets in the vicinity, it appears that the houses were built by builders or speculators in small blocks rather than like today where a single builder would be responsible for the whole estate. For example in April 1885, Thomas Barker, a builder of Swan Street, Loughborough, received permission to build seven cottages[2]. As a result, whilst essentially built to a basic plan, being a mixture of 2- and 3-bedroomed terraced brick properties mainly opening directly on to the pavement, there are subtle variations along the road. Albany Terrace, built in 1884, close to Derby Road, appears as a superior set of seven properties with decorative terracotta panels and separated from the pavement by a low brick wall and a very small garden.


Paget Street, Loughborough


By 1887, the population on the estate was about one thousand, with 212 of the 224 houses being occupied[3].

Thomas owned 6 unidentified houses on Paget Street and he may well have had them built or bought them when new.






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