Church Gate


Thomas owned two retail properties in Church Gate, from at least 1887[1] until after 1894[2], although he had disposed of them by the time he drew up his will. These two properties, Nos. 28 and 29, lie between the White Hart Inn and the Three Nuns, close to the parish church. They originally formed what appears to be pair of semi-detached properties, although in the late 19th century No 28 was attached at the rear to a row of terraced properties forming part of what was known as Court E. The original entrance to the Court lay between No 29 and what in the 1880s was known as the Eagle Inn, now the Three Nuns. Sometime before 1900 the entrance-way was arched over by a first floor extension to No.29. It appears that the frontages to Nos. 28 and 29 may also had altered at the same time. Today (2012) the two properties form a single property, occupied L.C.T. Upholsterers Ltd.; however, alterations have not been so dramatic as to remove the two original front entrances.


Church Gate, Loughborough – 1884 Town Plan


Charles Lowe, cabinetmaker, occupied both properties for three or four years before, around 1891, relocating to Nos. 37/38 Church Gate, where the company remain to the present day[3]. Following the departure of Charles Lowe, it appears that the properties may have remained unused for a few years. From 1895[4] the two properties were occupied separately by a number of retailers, including B. Marshall, confectioner; L. Leech, confectioner; G.H. Wilford, tobacconist; J.R. Reed, newsagent, Lewis Fletcher, newsagent and confectioner; The Leicester Boot; Edwin Hunt, boot dealer.




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