Property Portfolio

Over the years, Thomas Messenger built up a substantial property portfolio, which at the time of his death was worth a considerable amount. In his will he listed 127 properties; fifty per cent of which were in Leicester; just over twenty-five in Loughborough; a little under twenty-five per cent at Whitehall, Ellistown with a couple of properties as far afield as Tranmere Birkenhead, Cheshire.

His property holdings were sufficiently large to enable him to engage the services of a land agent. In 1891[1], this was one George Cooper, a professional house agent and registrar, of No. 5 Pocklington’s Lane and No. 53, Friar Lane Leicester[2].

How and when Thomas Messenger started his property portfolio is not documented, although it may have coincided with him selling off his horticultural business. With a few exceptions all we know of his portfolio, is what is listed in his will and is purely a snap shot at the time his will was drawn up.

However, Thomas’ property portfolio appears not to have been a static one. There are references to both properties that do not appear in his will and to numerous planning applications. For example, in May 1894[3], he was successfully applying for planning permission to make alterations to Nos. 28 and 29 Church Gate, Loughborough, properties that do not appear in his will.



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