In late 1874, he built a conservatory described as design No. 2, for Edwin Ewen, a silk and yarn agent living in Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire, with offices at No. 40, Belvoir Street, Leicester. This conservatory was a 14ft. 6in. by 8ft. lean-to structure, incorporating 15ft. of Messrs Walter Macfarlane & Co., guttering. Internally there was a single 15ft. by 2ft. stage and the whole was heated using a second hand portable boiler, with 10 yards of 4-inch, 60ft. of 1-inch hot water heating pipes and 6 patent joints. There was an addition to the heating system in the form of a 3ft.long coil radiator, consisting of twelve 2-inch pipes. It appears that the work was completed in March 1875 with Mr. Ewen paying the full amount two months later[1].



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