In 1872, he built a conservatory for Messrs E. Cole and Sons of Withington Nurseries, near Manchester to a design described as being on plate 16. Presumably, this does not refer to the 1870 catalogue, as plate 16 illustrated a ridge and furrow roofed plant house or vinery. Although plainer than the normal conservatory, it had the same basic characteristics. The one purchased by Messrs Cole was a span-roofed structure measuring 36ft. by 20ft., with folding doors (an additional 10s.), cresting along the whole length of roof and a finial at either end. It was glazed in 21oz. glass instead of standard 16oz. Internally it was furnished with six slate stages, four measuring 15ft. by 2ft. 6in. and two measuring 14ft. by 2ft. 6in. The total price of £147, included £20 commission to Messrs’ Cole, who presumably were acting as intermediaries. There is no record of exactly where the conservatory was built, but presumable in the Manchester area.