Hugh Major (1864-1944)

Hugh, Thomas and Jemima’s only son, was born in Loughborough in 1864. Presumably at first he worked for his father as in the 1881 census, he was living at home and described as a ‘Mechanical Engineers’ Clerk’. He married Margaret Mary Clarke (1871-1941[1]), the youngest daughter of the late Mr. John Clarke[2] (1831-1876) and Catherine[3] (1834-1906) of No. 3, Victoria Street, Loughborough. Mr. John Jarratt (Town Clerk), at the Registry Office, Town Hall, Loughborough, undertook the civil marriage ceremony held on 14th July 1897[4]. Following the service, attended by a select circle of friends, they all adjourned to the Plymouth Brethren meeting house in School Street, for a short religious service. The newly married couple spent their honeymoon in Cornwall, after which they moved to Surrey, where he pursued a career as a quantity surveyor in the building trade.

They had at least two children. Thomas Herbert, born in 1899 in Streatham and John Graham, born in 1909, in Sutton. Thomas Herbert became a research chemist and one time Head of Library and Intelligence Division, Research Association of British Rubber Manufacturers[5]. John Graham became a chartered account and at the time of his father’s death had offices at No. 4, High Street, Sutton, Surrey[6].

Hugh died at Cliff House, Hope Cove, Kingsbridge, Devon on 31st July 1944. Presumably, he resided there during the war as the probate record records his home address as Charnwood, No. 47, Albion Road, Sutton, Surrey; where he had lived since before 1901[7]. Both his sons’ were executors of his will, leaving effects valued at £132,542 19s. 5d. His wife, Margaret, died three years earlier on 15th June 1941, again at Cliff House, Kingsbridge. Again both sons acted as executors and she left an estate valued at £17,694 18s. 6d. Part of this may have been obtained from a property deal undertaken in 1908, whereby she took over the mortgage on seven properties in Court A, Wellington Street, Loughborough[8].


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  2. John Clarke was a partner in the firm of Crosher and Clarke, grocers, of Market Place, Loughborough.
  3. Catherine Smith was the sister of Jacob Smith, timber merchant, of Meadow Lane, Loughborough
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